Frequently asked questions

What is Z-Pay?

Z-Pay is a service for treatment of one-time anonymous cheques.

What is a cheque?

A Z-Pay cheque is an anonymous account with limited expiration period, nominated in a crypto or fiat currency. The cheque number is a random combination of 32 digits.

Is the registration or verification required?

No registration or verification is required to transact on the service. We do not collect any information about users’ actions, the users themselves, and do not require any identity confirmation.

How to create a cheque?

To create a cheque, press the “New” button. The service will generate a cheque number and access code (you will see them dash-delimited). The access code is initially hidden (tap on the code to temporary unhide characters in the middle). Do not pass these data to anyone, unless you decide to give them full access to the cheque. Save the cheque details on a convenient medium for further operation.

What is the duration of the cheque?

The duration of a cheque normally is 1 year since its generation. The duration will be extended automatically upon execution of operations with the cheque.

What if a cheque containing funds expires?

Contact support for further instructions of how to recover your money.

What to do with the cheque?

The cheque may be credited, transmitted to another person, cashed out. The cheque’s currency may be exchanged, the amount may be split over several cheques, or the cheque balance may be consolidated with another one.

How to protect the cheque?

The cheque is accessed by its number and access code. If necessary, you may set an access password for extra protection of a cheque.

Is the cheque balance limited?

The cheque balance is not limited.

What is the currency exchange rate?

The currency is exchanged using the current market rate. The rate table is shown in the service’s top bar. Prior to any exchange operation, the service will always show the actual rate as well.

How to make a payment?

Pass the cheque number, code, password (if set) to the beneficiary. If your beneficiary does not accept Z-Pay cheques, cash the funds out from the cheque to the beneficiary’s crypto wallet.

Why do I need to change my cheque details?

Immediately change the cheque details, if you have received them from another person. Afther that the previous holder will not be able to use it. It is also advisable to change the cheque details to protect your confidentiality – the new cheque number is not associated or derived from the old cheque details.

What fees and charges does the service have?

All operations, excluding currency conversion and cash-out, are free of charge. In case of conversion or cash-out, before the operation confirmation, the service will show the current exchange rate or cash-out fee. There is no hidden charge.