How to start?

To start working with Z-Pay it is sufficient to issue a Z-Pay cheque. You can do it on this screen, by pressing “New” button.
Aftermath, you receive an unique 35-digit cheque number which is a key to money on the cheque.
Please keep it in a safe place! Now you may deposit any amount, exchange currency, change the cheque number (useful if you got this cheque as a payment from a 3rd party and want to be 100% sure in further operations confidentiality), or split any amount from the cheque or withdraw cheque amount in any convenient way.

For your enhanced confidentiality, the page contents will be lost after reload, to re-open the cheque you will need to enter a cheque number again.

What a Z-Pay cheque is?

A Z-Pay cheque is a confidential tool of making financial operations.

The essential property of a cheque is that it is fully confidential, not linked or derived from any user details and leaves no traces in the system. To read the information in more details please see FAQ.

What I can do with a Z-Pay cheque?

Pay this cheque
Give as a present
Split to many cheques
Withdraw cheque
Important! If you got a cheque from a 3rd party, we strongly recommend you to change cheque details to be sure in 100% confidentiality - the previous cheque owner is unable to trace operations made with a new cheque details.


If you have questions or suggestions or experience any issues working with Z-Pay, please reach Z-Pay support at [email protected]


If you wish to use Z-Pay infrastructure in your own projects, please reach us at [email protected] to get an API token.