Easy confidential payments

Top-up a Z-pay cheque to transfer money confidentially


Z-Pay features


Recipient details are never asked to transfer funds. The cheque is used “to bearer”.


Pass the number of the Z-Pay cheque which contains the required amount.

Easy to use

You may keep and operate Z-Pay cheques offline in form of notebook records.

How does it work?

You can make a cryptocurrency payment without traces left in a blockchain and change currency in one click

Create a cheque
An unique 35-digit cheque number which is the key to cheque money
Topup a cheque
Choose a currency you want to topup the cheque with from a broad range of supported currencies
Share a cheque
Pass the cheque number to your payee
Withdraw a cheque
Withdraw money from a cheque to any external wallet with confidentiality!
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What I can do with a Z-Pay cheque?

Private payments

Transfer money anonymously

Currency exchange

Currency exchange

Invoice payment

Provide a blank cheque for invoice payment

How can I use the service

Easy confidential payments

Give a cheque
Use your cheque as a payment invoice
Present a cheque
You may use your cheque as a gift for your friend
Split a cheque
Cut a part of balance to a new cheque
Withdraw cheque balance
Instantly withdraw money to an external wallet

Do you need help?

If you have any suggestions please help us improve our service for you. Just contact support or give us a feedback through a button below.

Start using Z-Pay now!

To start operating the service, just create a Z-Pay cheque. It is instant and anonymous — without registration and verification.

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